Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Mission

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. 

Let me set the scene. Winter evening, logs crackling in the fireplace, candles softly burning, wine in our glasses, listening to piece after piece of wonderful music. And then, late that night, mon amour's final selection. With the first note, I was captivated. Unable to speak, tears began to fill my eyes, as the hauntingly beautiful music filled my heart. 

The Mission is the soundtrack from the film of the same name. It is the amazing work of Ennio Morricone who composed, orchestrated, and conducted the score. It was selected as the 23rd best film score in the American Film Insitute's 100 Years of Film Scores. It is almost impossible to I won't. 

When we married, we played three of the selections “On Earth as it is in Heaven”, “Falls” and “Gabriel’s Oboe”, as our guests were being seated for the ceremony. 

One evening very soon, turn the lights down low, light a candle, and put The Mission on...turn it up. I believe you too will find it a very special experience.

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