A Year of Sundays - 2014

January 1st
Deciding to bring in the new year cozy at home just "us", an invitation to join friends for a special dinner tomorrow, the aroma of stew slowly cooking in le crueset, a long afternoon nap, a call bubbling with happiness from my beautiful daughter, a lovely message from a dear old friend, decanting a fine bottle of wine, listening to the wonderful Maya Angelou, a midnight kiss with mon amour, opening the back door to let the old year out with gratitude for all that has been, opening the front door to let the new year in and all it will be, ringing a bell to welcome 2014, sending heartfelt thanks to all those who surround me, knowing my circle of love extends around the world...I love New Years

January 5th
The morning stretches that bring continued healing, washing wine glasses and platters with a smile as I remember last nights dinner with friends, warm toast with my homemade marmalade, the heartbreaking news of a loss no parent should have to bear, staring out at the beauty of sunlight on our old growth cedars as a coyote steps out, going downstairs to find he's set up all the exercise equipment I need, mon amour insisting we buy the cobalt blue platter and bowls that I loved..., looking for the perfect sofa for two, walking in the door and back into my cozy flannel nightgown and fuzzy socks, warming up delicious leftovers and settling in with an old film, spreading out our new comforter and climbing under the covers, hoping this one will keep Goldilocks just right, opening my book to spend time with M.F.K, Julia and James, thinking of her and saying a prayer...I love Sundays

January 12th
Waking in a beautiful snowy winter wonderland, the kindness of friends enduring mon mauvais francais, coffee and tourtière for breakfast, goodbye hugs after a lovely weekend, a long, relaxed drive singing along with the radio and undertaking a thoughtful proposal review, checking in at the hotel to find the nightgown I left behind on Friday waiting at the desk for me, sharing a disappointing little dinner but laughing about it, prepping for the busy workweek ahead, knowing all is well at home with dear ones, a long warm bath that helps to ease my achey arm, climbing into crisp white sheets very, very, early...I love Sundays

January 20th
Waking way too early but deciding it was meant to be, giving my morning face a smile in the mirror, curling up on the couch to do a little research, the minutes that become hours, remembering all the laughter with friends last night, the happy memories making me laugh again, returning home from an errand to find freshly washed floors, sipping hot chocolate by the fire together, the knock at the door that brings the wonderful surprise of friends dropping by, opening wine and settling in for a good catch up, long distance love from family and friends, relaxing with my feet up while mon amour prepares his delicious shepherds pie for our dinner, flipping through a delightful pile of magazines, reminding myself that it is natural to have hard days within a healing process, the comfort of a warm rice milk bath by candlelight...I love Sundays

January 26th
Last night's gift of beautiful roses opening in the sunlight, the kind and encouraging therapist starting my one pound weight workouts, reminding myself that I began not able to move a muscle and now I am building them, eating a perfect pear while listening intently to stories of soul and spirit, putting on my groovy flowered runners, fulfilling a Christmas gift to my goddaughters and dear friends by taking them to see Saving Mr. Banks, sharing warm buttery popcorn with mon amour, pulling out the tissues for a scene that makes me weep, everyone catching up over cups of fragrant green tea and Peking duck, looking up at the brightly shining stars, reflecting on a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends, feeling grateful for the loving circle that surrounds me...I love Sundays

February 2nd
Pulling back the white cloud of a comforter and stepping into cozy slippers, writing to my dad, hearing the song of a new bird, exercising together, sipping coffee and taking in the wisdom and happiness that is Goldie, scrambling eggs while singing, waving to a neighbour, putting away the pinecones and filling the mantle with budding branches, news that brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, a brisk walk hand in hand, green tea and reflexology, being told that the v...ery sensitive part of my foot is my brain - that I'm thinking too much, cutting into a perfect avocado, candlelight dinner set on our Provençal tablecloth listening to French music, a call from my happy son saying we'll all have dinner together this week, sitting for hours looking at all our photos and thanking each other for the beautiful life we share...I love Sundays

February 9th
Waking on eastern time even though I'm snug in our west coast bed, tiptoeing down the hall, being greeted by a vase filled with daffodils that opened overnight, mon amour checking to be sure I'm alright, yoga by candlelight, mixing up a big batch of muffins, wise words that make me smile, sharing memories of my grandma on this her birthday, putting on the top crust and fluting the edge, messages from friends as we plan a special celebration for Summer 2016, staring up at our... roof trying to imagine what the new one will look like, the kids coming through the door and filling Spring Cottage with laughter, gathering around the table for cheese fondue and red wine, warm apple blackberry pie so good we finish every bite, cozying up by the fire, calling my beautiful daughter so she can join in from afar, white mugs filled with chai tea, sending everyone off with hugs and bags filled with homemade marmalade and muffins, texting with a dear friend making the miles between us disappear, celebrating 50 years of memories with Paul and Ringo...I love Sundays

February 16th
Starting the day with laughter, layering yogurt, nuts and berries in mason jars for delicious and healthy ferry ride breakfast parfaits, sitting in a sunny window sipping coffee and gazing at snow capped mountains and the magnificent ocean, checking out all the magazines, choosing one for an article that said "if you are asking the question - the answer is yes", marvelling at two beautiful scarves from Thailand finding their way to me, a long hug as we come through the door, ...sharing stories, tears and laughter as we fondly remember a good friend, knowing he would have been pleased that his love poured a beer for him and filled their home with music, family and friends, looking someone special in the eye and saying thank you, giving good advice - that I'm not following myself, just making it to the ferry on time - to find the wind has sailings cancelled, heading back to the other ferry to await with tea and papers, being just fine with however things turn out, getting the all clear that we'll be homeward bound, walking through the door tired but happy...I love Sundays

February 23rd
Waking to a winter wonderland, strengthening my arm with exercises while strengthening my spirit with Deepak, children rising one by one, gathering in pjs by the fire for coffee and conversation, everyone feeling like it is Christmas, sorting through boxes filled with fond memories, balancing sentimentality with practicality, quiet time at my desk preparing for the busy workweek ahead, hot tea and cedars with snow laden boughs, curling up on the couch with loved ones to share dinner and a movie, wondering what I will be like when I grow old, climbing into bed very early with camomile tea and poetry, thinking that perhaps this is what I will be like when I grow old...I love Sundays

March 2nd
Curling up by the fire and opening the cover of a new magazine, warming my hands around a mug of strong coffee, mon amour sharing his middle of the night idea for a larger renovation, standing in the rubble that once was our bathroom trying to imagine the new plan, a dear friend popping out of the guest room, the scent of spinach feta quiche as I lift it from the oven, feeling grateful that I am able to do these things that I used to take for granted, brunch and decisions, do...nning my apron to bake pumpkin cheesecake and oatmeal apple muffins, a quote that brings back special memories of Arles, making a much looked forward to dinner date, chilling cava for the red carpet, roasting a sunday dinner feast, laughing with my daughter, knowing I wouldn't trade watching the academy awards with loved ones for being there, thinking of my son as he boards a plane to New York to record an album, mon amour shooing me out of the kitchen and taking care of all the dishes while I write...I love Sundays

March 9th
Whispering in bed, rising early to find it wasn't quite as early as I had thought (where did that hour go), soaking up all the truth and goodness that is Brené Brown, placing cheesecloth in all the heat vents in a hopeful move to capture the renovation dust, knowing I am fortunate to be able to say out loud that I am feeling anxious - and a hug will be waiting, cleaning and then cleaning some more, telling myself that a little dust isn't going to get me down, feeling a little... down about all the dust, curling up with a mug of tea, soft blanket to look at design magazines, donning my apron to satisfy my dear friend's craving for homemade shepherds pie, slicing fennel and asian pears to toss with vinaigrette and toasted walnuts, gathering at the candlelit table, knowing he knows me well, stepping into the sawdust to see everything taking shape, sitting by the fire sharing stories with an old friend...I love Sundays and mon amour

March 16th
Waking next to my daughter, staying snug as bugs while chatting together, tumbling out of the guest room to say good morning to Grandma, coffee and conversation, the smell of bacon cooking, a perfectly cooked egg on sourdough toast, granddaughter showing Grandma how to file her pictures, listening to Stuart McLean, deciding that birthday cake and ice cream is lunch, goodbye hugs, chanting “squeeze please” as the ferry gets loaded, being one of the last cars on, reclining our... seats to talk and nap, sipping coconut water, stopping to buy the fixings, hello hugs, hearing all the Spring Cottage news, opening wine and putting on opera, gathering at the candlelit table for Sarah’s fabulous pasta dinner, stories and laughter, a fragrant hot shower before climbing into soft sheets, feeling grateful for my loving circle of family and friends – both near and far…I love Sundays

March 23rd
Goodbye kisses and endearments before I climb out of bed, asking the cab driver if my 5 am pickup is his first fare of the day and laughing together when he says I'm his last, wishing him a good sleep as he drops me at the airport, enjoying the energy of the Maple Leaf lounge filled with families returning from Spring Break vacations - rather than executives just staring at technology (like myself), settling in to my seat and thinking of those who boarded a plane and are now ...missing, sending a prayer that they will be found, reading two newspapers, looking at all the perplexed faces in immigration and reaffirming my concerns about automated systems, helping others to navigate through, just making the connecting flight, the nod and smile from a seat-mate when he sees my book on mindfulness, emerging from a long day of travel into a blue sky and sunshine day, beginning something new and interesting, calling mon amour to say goodnight...I love Sundays

March 30th
Early morning reflection and stretching, quiet time at my desk, seeing the new paint colors in the morning light and knowing they are perfect, magnolia blossoms in the sunshine, mon amour joining me for coffee and wisdom of Gary Zukav, going to my favorite florist for beautiful spring flowers, the kids all laughing together in the back seat, handing my hard working sister-in-law a beautiful bouquet, celebrating my talented nephew on his 17th birthday, taking my wonderful brot...her up on his offer to help, singing in the empty living room that now has great acoustics, settling in to our cozy pad on the lower level - home for a couple weeks while the renovation completes, deciding my homemade cheesecake will make a fine dinner, marveling at the power of a dimmer switch, tulips and fireplace for instant ambience, giving my French ear a workout watching "Tout Le Monde En Parle, wishing I could soothe my aching arm and hand – taking a deep breath and remembering how far I’ve come…I love Sundays

April 6th
Having a "girl's weekend" at Spring Cottage, getting off to a healthy start with our lemon water, smoothie shots, yogurt, nuts and berries, sipping coffee and staring in awe of the time release photography of Louie Schwartzberg, finding everything we wanted at the organic shop, buying two bouquets of flowers - one to thank our painter's wife (for him working very long hours this past week) and another for his mom (who helped paint the inside of all our closets), a friend stop...ping by with a slice of his homemade pizza for me to try, perusing spring things, rustling up an omelette, hugging a good friend goodbye who loves doing everything and nothing with you, helping to put the new hardware on the cabinet, sitting under the magnolia tree to look up at the magnificent blossoms, putting away every single last thing on the top floor, thanking someone for a job very well done, curling up by the fire with with a cozy blanket and good book, missing mon amour, having him call to say he misses me too, knowing it is just one more sleep...I love Sundays

April 13th
Gratefully finding my middle of the night worry was for naught, opening to possibilities with Super Soul Sunday, thick greek yogurt topped with fresh berries, increasing the weight to strengthen my arm, cleaning and polishing, shedding a little crabbiness with a long walk in the sun, an invitation from a friend, whipping up a delicious caesar salad, the first bath in our new tub, pouring in the gift of lavender from mon amour, climbing into bed with spiced tea and a good book...I love Sundays

April 20th
Early morning stretches, washing and drying platters and glasses together from last night's dinner party, thick greek yogurt and blueberries, falling in love with my gift of Sweet Paul, feeling the stirring of creativity, a bird choosing to call our backyard birdhouse home, giving and receiving Easter wishes with family and friends, moving our clothes back into closets, letting a few things go, an afternoon nap to make up for the very early start, placing travel books on their shelves, wondering where we will be off to next, tulips slowly opening, sipping pastis by the fire while Rod croons old standards, agreeing that a quiet "just us" day was what we needed, warming up delicious leftovers, playing my first game of chess with my very patient amour...I love Sundays

April 27th
Being woken up in the best possible way, the beautiful words of Elizabeth Lesser, frying up some Hopcott Farms double smoked bacon with eggs and toast, looking at the beautiful pictures of our one day old grand-niece Rosalie, finding the perfect office cabinet, mon amour spending three and a half hours putting it together for us, settling in to do a little research, realizing halfway through washing a comforter that I was in way over my head, my beautiful daughter coming to the rescue, someone else's reflections resonating deeply in me, remembering it is called a healing journey…because it is a journey, warming up delicious leftovers from Friday's dinner party, a long lavender bath by candlelight, sharing the last few bites of dessert…I love Sundays

May 4th
Waking very early but deciding that will just give me even more Sunday, exercising my arm and reminding myself to be grateful for what I can do - rather than what I can't, morning kisses, hugs and laughter, creating a west coast menu for tomorrow's welcome home dinner for my dad, the satisfaction of a perfectly organized cupboard, calling family and friends, a pleasant chat in the grocery line, the scent of lemon cake and carrot cake baking, remembering that they are trying t...o make a living - so taking the time to patiently answer the long survey, wishing I could kiss the person who invented parchment paper, opening the olive oil from my very own tree in Italy - an amazing gift from a dear friend, whipping up a chicken caesar salad to share by candlelight, a group decision to postpone our summer trip to Greece until next year so our wonderful friend can focus on the new position she is beginning, inviting everyone to Spring Cottage for a celebratory dinner in her honour, mon amour working all weekend to set up our beautiful new office...I love Sundays

May 11th
Greeting the day with a 5 am wake up, being whisked to the airport while I can just take in the beauty of the scenery, reading two papers while I sip my coffee, on time flights with perfect connections, a Mothers Day text from my beautiful daughter in the Caribbean and music composed and played on piano by my talented son, meeting a couple on their way to Cuba bringing bags laden with gifts for those who have need, a friendly driver turning to me and saying "Welcome to Maryla...nd" as we cross the border, dropping my bags and heading out for a walk, enjoying the vibe of families taking their moms for dinner, wishing I was with my dear ones, watching the sunset over the harbour, coming back to find my bed turned down, satisfying my steak and caesar salad craving, feeling the love of family and friends supporting me in the ALS walk in honour of the always inspiring Carol, hopping out of the shower and into bed with a cup of tea and a good book, looking forward to time with colleagues and friends from around the globe at the United Way Worldwide Community Leaders Conference, praying tomorrow is the day to "bring back our girls", calling home to say goodnight, hearing him say he misses me...I love Sundays

May 18th
Waking well rested, the surprise of seeing someone I dined with recently being interviewed by Oprah, walking down to the Farmers Market, sharing zen coffee and spinach feta scones in the sunshine, getting a smile from the elderly organic vegetable vendor who never does, cutting an armload of lilacs and filling vases, wishing a happy birthday to a good friend, mon amour encouraging me to splurge on the Big Green Egg, deciding I will save and turn out delicious meals with a more basic hardwood bbq, inviting friends for coffee and conversation tomorrow, sorting out a kafuffle, organizing our CDs and setting up the stereo, smiling at my twenty-six Rod Stewart albums, Sambuca and beautiful music…I love Sundays

May 25th
Opening my eyes and thinking that last nightcap might have been a mistake, living up to the commitment made to myself and doing all my physiotherapy exercises - even though I really don't feel like it, strong black coffee and happiness research, fondly remembering the conversations and conviviality of last night's celebratory dinner as I wash the wine glasses, the beauty of a huge bouquet of perfect roses opening - a gift from a dear friend, making a big pot of split pea soup for mon amour, luxuriating in a long peppermint bath followed by a nap, a wonderful conversation with my always kind and loving brother, packing my bag and ordering my morning taxi, saying an enthusiastic yes to a dinner invitation for next weekend, snuggling up together to watch the end of the game, staying in my pyjamas all day...I love Sundays

June 1st
Jumping out of bed the moment I awaken, heading outside in my nightgown with an armload of books for the inaugural opening of Spring Cottage Little Free Library, looking out the window to see the first person arrive minutes later, settling in for a Super Soul Sunday feature on happiness while I'm already bursting with it, feeling my heart warm hearing Maya Angelou's voice, walking hand in hand in the sunshine, sharing coffee and pakoras for breakfast at the Farmers Market, a...n interesting and inspiring conversation with a world travelling retired couple who said "we want to die with our sneakers on", filling our pack with a weeks worth of organic vegetables, purchasing fifteen French and English children's books to plump up the children's section, the bookstore owner surprise of a 10 percent discount to say thank you for a worthwhile project, pulling a few weeds while chattering on about books while mon amour quietly does all the gardening, sitting on our patio enjoying a platter of fresh fruit, dressing up a little and packaging good French wines with freshly picked lavender from the garden, heading over to dear friends for a wonderful dinner, meeting someone new, taking a walk along the riverfront, settling back in for the cheese course, yawns and hugs as we say goodbye, making one last check in on the library and finding a lovely thank you note...I love Sundays

June 8th
Filling half my suitcase with gifts and then finding a little room for clothes around them, making a card and tucking a lottery ticket inside that he can find after I'm gone, goodbye kisses to last me six days, hearing a little girl who cried for most of the flight say "that was fun daddy" as they disembarked, being picked up at the airport with a big hug, being handed a warm cookie upon hotel check in, sharing dinner and ideas with a longtime colleague and friend, receiving a new approach for something that has been troubling me, walking through my notes for the busy week ahead, calling home to say goodnight, hearing that I overflowed the plant I had quickly watered on my way out, mon amour saying he misses me (even with my plant watering fiasco), a comfy bed and good book to help me sleep...I love Sundays

June 15th
Having a good cry first thing in the morning - as I chop onions, gazing out at the lush green forest, recommitting myself to daily meditation, adding a second table to hold more dear ones, grilling fathers day lunch on my new wood burning BBQ, the smokey goodness reminding me of camping, stories and laughter around the table, a wonderful nephew's gift from Hawaii, savouring a full bodied ale from a little local brewery, the sound of rain when we are all cozy by the fire, good...bye hugs, wondering what will be, washing dishes and hopefully my worry away, sending a special thank you greeting for the morning, beautiful music finishing playing and the room filling with an equally beautiful silence, a sadness settling over me that I will sit with for a while, deciding a bowl of ice cream should sit with me too, mon amour and my kind daughter listening and offering their thoughts, feeling better after talking it through...I love Sundays

June 22nd
Je reveiller dans la vie québécois, enjoying a beautiful view of the lake with friends and cappuccinos, visiting all our chere Val d'Or family, our newest member Rosalie looking so sweet, Thomas playing with my necklace and laughing, shedding a few tears as I watch a movie of our niece and nephews courtship, cute Karigane with five pony tails, smoked salmon warm from the oven, visiting the grave of mon amour's father and grandparents, silently thanking them for the wonderful... man I love, picking up flowers and wine, a lovely lunch with Maman Solange and Tante Normande, fruit punch in the sun, dangling my feet in the pool while chere Gabrielle and Emil swim and learn to dive, listening to her newest favorite song together, a wonderful supper and conversation, sipping brandy by the fire, everyone being so patient avec ma mauvais francais, finding my French improves with wine...j'aime les dimanches

June 29th
Waking to the sound of the rooster crowing, snuggling back in to talk and laugh, rustling up a big breakfast, the twinkle in the eyes of the hardworking owners as we thank them for the beautiful cottage, strolling down the path past the sheep and chicken, sharing "weekend coffee" (with baileys) and spiritual conversation with dear friends, finding the words to express my gratitude, goodbye hugs as we make our way off for two more days of "just us" time, burgers and beer besid...e the ocean, a perfect afternoon nap, catching up with my lovely daughter as we make dinner plans for the coming week, cocktails and live music, excellent local wine and a beautiful dinner as we watch the sunset, dancing to the band playing Tupelo Honey under the tree covered in lights, hiding dark chocolate under his side of the comforter, still singing Tupelo Honey as I brush my teeth, texting with my wonderful son and having him say they too can come by for dinner this week...I love Sundays and Saltspring Island.

July 6th
The simple peace of a Sunday morning, hearing how much I am loved, the beauty of classical music, feeling someone's pain and hoping I can ease it just a little, reading out loud Michael Moore's piece on walking, calling to say thank you again - 3 years later - for our beautiful wedding album, waiting for the plumber, dreaming about our summer vacation, reaching out to family and friends, being someone's personal GPS, warm spiced pudding cake with vanilla ice cream, a happy pl...umber who loves his work arriving to fix our drain, how scrubbing the sink leads to vacuuming leads to washing the floor leads to standing back feeling good, being congratulated by my Fitbit for my number of steps, setting a date to celebrate a special family member, pastis on the deck, feeling a great contentment wash over me, pesto pasta and heartfelt conversation by candlelight, planning dinner menus while sipping sambuca and listening to opera...I love Sundays and mon amour

July 13th
Coffee on the patio with mon amour, bringing home so much produce from the farmers market it fills the fridge and a cooler, breakfast on the deck with my dad, making a birthday cheesecake because it's her favorite, actually stopping to smell the roses, a happy exchange of messages from a good friend, finding some hope, relaxing with the kids, pouring limeade over ice and blueberries to sip in the shade, opening the wine and bringing out the platters, conversation and laughter around the table, singing happy birthday a little off key, filling their arms with leftovers, gifts and goodbye hugs, wondering, opening all the doors and windows to welcome the cool evening breeze, ending the evening as we began it - together on the patio...I love Sundays

July 20th
Snuggling up together in our cozy van, sitting outside with a cup of coffee and my nose in a good book, toasted crumpets with butter and jam, thinking fondly of Mr. Williams - my grade 8 science teacher, prodding ourselves out for a walk, finding a couple of good reads at the Book Nook, a lovely leisurely lunch, visiting a roadside tavern advertising craft beer, pizzas and weddings - settling for just a beer, four good friends all reading together on a deck, falling asleep in... my chair, marvelling at how replenished we all feel after time spent relaxing outdoors and sans technology, sharing travel stories, spicy bbq pork drizzled with apple cider syrup, goodbye hugs, finding only a short wait at the border, catching up with my dad over a cup of tea, finding my Fitbit recorded 10,730 steps today, reflecting on a special drawing that provides inspiration, climbing into bed relaxed and happy...I love Sundays

July 27th
Gazing at one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen, savouring smoked salmon benedict on a terrace overlooking the ocean, a new idea capturing my imagination, strolling through the village, finding the perfect little gift, sipping fresh lemonade as we look out over the marina, walking up a steep hill in the hot sun only to find that isn't where we parked after all, knowing I will be rewarded by Fitbit (and good health) for all those extra steps, finding our beloved campe...r van just where we'd left it, a cold washcloth on my face, feeling rushed but then having the grace to know when to take a step back and reassess, sipping a beer as the ferry comes in, sitting side by side munching delicious tuna sandwiches with the sun on my face and breeze in my hair as we sail home, finding three new thank you notes for my Little Free Library, catching up with family, happy news being shared, relaxing in a heavenly rosemary bath, a peppermint cream foot massage for my freshly scrubbed feet...I love Sundays, summer fun, and mon amour

August 3rd
Wishing our fellow campers "good morning", percolating a pot of delicious coffee, rustling up eggs, bacon, corn tortillas with salsa, sour cream and green onion, singing "on the road again" as we head off, talking about our favourite actors, runaway cows meandering on the road, an afternoon swim in a turquoise lake surrounded by majestic mountains, a picnic lunch while we dry in the sun, looking out at the views as we drive - but having my favourite view smiling beside me, ma...king a dinner plan with a much loved cousin, raspberry cheesecake ice cream on a hot afternoon, mon amour pouring pastis and water over ice to sip in our lawn chairs, feeling my life is so small alongside the ancient landscape, red wine and pesto pasta topped with lemon and freshly grated parmesan, an evening stroll as the sun sets, writing "I love Sundays" even though there is no cell service to post it, feeling grateful for the luxury of time...I love Sundays

August 10th
Finding good things in my horoscope for the coming week, whipping up a delicious batch of muffins, the first sip of strong coffee in my le crueset mug, feeling achey and sore and then remembering the progress I've made, strolling through the farmers market, receiving a compliment, placing gerbera daisies in a cobalt blue vase, solving a mystery, preparing a lovely summer lunch for my family, lounging on the deck, joining friends for an evening of greek food and stories on the patio, ouzo on the rocks, laughing really hard, the glowing full moon, a cool shower before climbing into bed, counting only five more sleeps...I love Sundays

August 17th
Rising from a deep sleep to a clear blue sky, settling into an old cafe where Freud and Trotsky used to play chess, knowing you are back in Europe when excellent morning coffee arrives on a silver tray with a glass of water and a chocolate, the black vested and white aproned waiter kissing my hand, wandering carefree together, being surrounded by the worlds most beautiful desserts, the glow of candles and echo of mass in a gothic cathedral, giving thanks and another prayer to St. Rita, stretching out on the park grass and looking up at Mozart, securing a table for tomorrows much anticipated dinner, beer and Beethoven at the outdoor Vienna Film Festival, mon amour being a map reader extraordinaire, peppermint foot cream on freshly scrubbed feet, tumbling into bed way past midnight...I love Sundays

August 24th
Stepping out the door into a fairytale, lush green valleys surrounded by mist covered mountains, small wooden homes with green shutters, bleating sheep and cows with bells, climbing the hills and wandering through the little village, buying a pair of handmade socks from the woman who knit them last winter, sharing bread, cheese, apples and chocolate for lunch, the sun breaking through and the mist lifting to reveal majestic peaks, warming my hands around a cup of tea, planning our route, rich red swiss wine with salad and bubbling cheese fondue, chocolate mango cake with two forks, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, a cozy bed for two to curl up in, having romance sadly limited to a goodnight kiss as we are in a couples dorm...I love Sundays and mon amour

August 31st
Waking with a smile thinking about the excellent rieslings, food, music and fireworks at last nights wine festival, hiking up to a castle for incredible rhine views, black forest cake and cappuccinos, greeting a man wearing a Vancouver shirt to tell him that is my home, finding he is a delightful Brit with an accent and gravelly voice that sound just like Rod Stewart, having a good laugh when he tells me sadly he can't sing, talking travels together, sharing a tear as he tells the story of the death of his wife "there could never be another woman as wonderful as she", shaking hands and wishing him well, a long afternoon nap before dressing for dinner, a superb meal followed by the owner coming to sit and tell their life story, strolling arm in arm down the cobblestone village street...I love Sundays

September 7th
Croissants et pain au chocolat avec cafe au lait in the park, the majestic sights and sounds of the service in Cathedral de Strasbourg, donning our small packs, loving the ease of traveling light, stepping off the train into yet another beautiful storybook village, crisp white wine and tarte a l'oignon on a sunny terrace overlooking the canal, a long, long, afternoon nap, the special blue I only find in France, dressing for dinner, pastis for two, toasting mon amour for the r...eservation of another perfect terrace table on the canal, foie gras with warm toasts, mother and father swans gliding in with eight young ones to enjoy their nightly ritual of bread treats, feeling emotional about the good life we share, steak au poivre and bordeaux, walking home hand in hand with the full moon lighting the cobblestones, savouring the beautiful writing of Ann Patchett...I love Sundays and mon amour

September 14th
Waking up in my own bed, yoga while watching the sunrise, catching up on what's happening in town with the Georgia Straight, starting to make my way through a month of emails and readying myself for the first day back, baking a spinach feta quiche and roasting Italian sausages for breakfast, curling up to watch Super Soul Sunday with Paulo Coelho, thinking about his words and my "personal legend", reaching out to family and friends, soaking up the sun and happy vibe at the Farmers Market, settling in for the afternoon at my desk, slowly but surely seeing the number of unread messages going down, resting my sore "cobblestone" foot, reading my son's beautiful and moving tribute for his good friend, curating my Little Free Library, grilling fresh sockeye salmon to the beautiful music of Mae Moore and Lester Quitzau, pulling The Alchemist off the bookcase to reread...I love Sundays

September 21st
Enjoying cappuccinos and stories au francais around the kitchen table of dear friends, having a song I love played specially for me, the way music bridges languages and years, the joy of watching little ones, goodbye hugs et a bientots, meeting family at a bistro for brunch, sharing travel stories and their beautiful photos, a wonderful gift of homemade confiture, betterave, ketchup et cornichons de ma belle soeur, more goodbye hugs, taking me to my favourite little boutique,... a long, leisurely drive that provides time for reflection, listening to the brilliant programs of Radio Canada, mon amour safely guiding the rental car to the side of the freeway with a flat tire, putting our automobile association membership to good use, using the unplanned stop to prepare for the busy work week ahead, checking in to the hotel to find a note and bottle of wine to welcome us, having the chef prepare our favourite dish even though it is no longer on the menu, the nighttime beauty of Ottawa as we stroll back from dinner, trying to do my best even though I'm not feeling my best, fond thoughts and gratitude for Leonard Cohen on his 80th birthday, wishing that today's International Day of Peace could become a whole future filled with peace...I love Sundays

September 28th
Waking very early but not having to get up, turning the last page on a great book, washing many wine glasses while remembering the love and laughter from last night's dinner party, marvelling at the wonder of serendipity and spontaneity, dear friends from afar rising to say they slept well, coffee and conversation curled up on the couch, perfect juicy peaches, nectarines and raspberries with toast and my homemade marmalade, receiving some encouragement, getting a little weepy... over goodbyes and I love you's, listening and loving an early birthday gift of Leonard Cohen's new album, happy telephone calls with my daughter and son, settling in to the office and checking off a few things on a lengthy "to do" list, taking a break to sit in the sun with a glass of lemonade, focusing on a document and being rewarded with completion of a decent first draft, warming up delicious leftovers and finishing a good bottle of bordeaux with mon amour and my dad, looking at our vacation photos and reliving some beautiful moments, finding a lovely thank you note in my Little Free Library, tucking my tired but happy self into bed early...I love Sundays

October 5th
Opening the curtains to find another blue sky and sunshine day, jumping on the cable car down to the waterfront, putting together a picnic breakfast and settling in to an oceanfront table to enjoy, breaking crusty baguette and topping it with award winning cheese and peach preserves, slicing perfect organic pears, saving that last sip of coffee to finish with, strolling along to Fisherman's Wharf, hanging out with the sea lions, sipping napa valley Chardonnay while watching s...ailboats glide by, walking down the crookedest street, buying books at the wonderful City Lights, speaking my very own special italianofrenglish with our Italian waiter, a bottle of very good chianti and a delicious bowl of pasta carbonara, sharing tiramisu with cappuccino, our tired feet deciding it is midnight - even though the clock says it isn't, slathering my feet with peppermint cream and chuckling as I read David Sedaris's latest, everyone agreeing it has been a wonderful day in the city of peace and love and sourdough bread...I love Sundays

October 12th

Writing out the six course menu, going to the Farmers Market with ma belle soeur, filling our bags with organic vegetables and fruits for our harvest dinner, the cheese-maker remembering my name, some happy news of a wedding engagement, writing "Happy Thanksgiving at Spring Cottage" on my new chalkboard, setting a beautiful table with Val d'Or china, turning out a perfect pear tarte tatin, calling family and friends to tell them I'm grateful to have them in my life, catching ...up with my wonderful goddaughter, a single serving of excellent ice cream for the cook, receiving beautiful Fall napkins, watching friends open gifts from our travels, gathering together at the table to celebrate together, conversations woven with love and laughter, being ordered into a leisurely lavender bath while they wash all the dishes, receiving photos from my loved ones that make my heart soar, turning the music up and sipping sambuca by the fire, the feeling of true contentment...I love Sundays Happy Thanksgiving everyone

October 19th

Watching the sunrise dapple the trees, donning my apron to prepare the feast, the scent of pumpkin pies in the oven, my dad telling me the story of his mom making him a jam turnover out of leftover pastry when he was a young boy - and then baking one to surprise him, a funny clip sent by a friend, a lovely message from another, writing the menu on our chalkboard, a beautiful fall table decorated by my daughter, the kids all working together to get the candles glowing and the ...lighting just right, loving that they care about ambience as much as I, gathering eighteen of some my most beloved faces around the table, turkey with all the trimmings, giving and receiving heartfelt gifts, reading my cards out loud, everyone pitching in to clean up, pulling out the guitars, opening a cold beer and singing along, mon amour surprising me at midnight with a beautiful blue silk shawl and a card filled with special words, feeling blessed to begin another year...I love Sundays

October 26th

Waking far too early and snuggling back in for a little more sleep, heading off hand in hand for our morning walk, walking alongside the peaceful lake, saying good morning to each person I see, strolling through the Farmers Market and filling our pack, smiling at the children dressed in their Halloween costumes - especially an adorable little squirrel, stopping to tell someone how much we admire his house - which strikes up a great conversation, the first sip of strong coffee..., frying up the most delicious double smoked bacon and farm fresh eggs, having both mon amour and my dad come in the door and exclaim how good it all smells, taking my second cup of coffee to my desk and four quiet hours later feeling good about the work accomplished, a happy conversation with mon beau-frere, getting cozy on the couch with mint tea and a blanket to ease my headache, feeling grateful that I don't often get them, falling asleep to the sound of mon amour softly playing guitar, making plans with dear friends, rereading my beautiful cards, carrying plates of pepper crusted steak and caesar salad to our candlelit table, gentle teasing that makes me smile, a long lovely soak with the relaxing bath-salts I received for my birthday, listening to mon amour learning the chords to one of my favorite songs, climbing into bed early...I love Sundays

November 2nd

Taking one careful step at a time, feeling loved and supported, a story of compassion and hope that fills my heart, wondering how I can make a bigger difference in the world, a lovely invitation, sitting down together to plan our annual charitable contributions, taking a chance that worked well, letting it settle, quiet time in my office preparing for the week, caring and committed colleagues, reaching out to family and friends, resting and thinking good thoughts, being taken... away with Anne Willan’s biography – the perfect gift from a beautiful cousin who knows me well, mon amour spending hours on something I hope to never need, knowing how much he cares, the poignant end of an era to be followed by a new beginning, good friends willing to be there to help when I can’t be, grilled teriyaki salmon on a bed of sautéed ginger vegetables, curling up in the big chair together, having another whole hour in the day…I love Sundays

November 9th

The absolute stillness of early morn, curling up by the fire with a batch of new magazines, a heart to heart with a dear friend, planning a surprise, folding warm towels, sharing the farmers market and a coffee with a friend, simmering a pot of soup, the text that says his plane is leaving on time, cutting branches and gathering pine cones to fill the front porch urn, fulfilling a promise, defrosting the freezer to remove the million little shards of glass from the San Pellegrino I had forgotten about, feeling lucky that it wasn't a fine bottle of wine, seeing his smile as I pull up, lighting candles and catching up over a little late night dinner, knowing for sure that life is better when we're together...I love Sundays

November 16th
How extra-special coffee is when savoured only on the weekend, finding that our favoured candidates were elected, celebrating accomplishments of two very dear friends - one receiving a Masters Degree and the other a prestigious award, listening to someone share heartfelt thoughts about gratitude and trust, calling loved ones near and far, a sunny and bracing walk along the river with friends, being poured a glass of cava, the scent of lemongrass in a steaming bowl of tom yum soup, giving a gift that delights, agreeing that dinner will be a huge bowl of popcorn and red wine, snuggling up on the couch with a movie about Burgundy, deciding I would like to live for a year in France...I love Sundays

November 23rd
Waking with a smile as I think of last nights wonderful evening with dear friends and my beloved goddaughters, highlights of the first Special Olympics bringing tears to my eyes, the soothing voice and wise words of Deepak Chopra, making a list and checking it twice, chatting with a neighbour, a blue sky and sunshine walk, one very productive hour in the office, putting away the Fall decor to clear the way for the holiday season, listening to Christmas carols while sipping gi...nger tea and rolling beeswax candles, the aroma of a big pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove, mon amour's supreme organizational skills bringing order to all the stuff we are storing for the kids, sending an invitation, thinking of a special boy who just turned two, relaxing in a lavender bath, a cozy dinner for two in our pajamas, a fun text message from my happy kids, climbing into bed with a great book beside a great husband...I love Sundays

November 30th
Gathering all the little gifts, baking supplies, and mulled wine spices to bring back East, bundling up and heading downtown, meeting a dear friend for a day of fun, cappuccinos at Cafe Artegiano, finding perfect presents for my goddaughters, settling into our matinee seats at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, enjoying every moment of Stuart McLean's holiday show, finding the youngest person in the audience was just three months old and the eldest a hundred years, feeling emotiona...l as the whole audience sings "I'll be home for Christmas" together, feeling merry and bright as we head out into the dark to find holiday lights glowing, finding a message that friends I haven't seen for a long time are coming to town later this week, coming home to our wonderful painter working his magic on our family room, cooking up a big pot of pasta puttanesca for everyone, seeing that mon amour has turned the mountain of Christmas things into two well packed boxes ready for travel, planning festive celebrations, a mug of hot gingerbread tea by the fire, feeling tired but happy as I climb into bed...I love Sundays

December 7th
Waking in a winter wonderland, coffee served in a beautiful china cup, peeling a perfect mandarin orange for breakfast - and then another, donning my coat that looks like a sleeping bag just to take a few steps, being glad when I find it is -30, arriving for a delicious brunch with dear friends, bringing the Baileys for everyone's coffee, driving through the historic neighbourhood to see the beautiful little wood and stone houses, curling up on the couch with a blanket and fa...lling asleep on mon amour's shoulder, the glow of coloured lights on the big tree, being greeted at the door by our grand niece and nephew in holiday best and Santa hats, placing gifts around the tree, seeing their faces when they open the box of snowmen cupcakes, gathering at the table for a superb dinner as we catch up on each others lives, practicing my French with our very patient family, hearing all about the elf that they are trying to catch with cookies and candy, special bedtime hugs from the little ones as they head off bed, crossing the road for our last visit of the day, cognac and conversation, receiving some good advice, climbing into cozy flannel sheets, saying bonne nuit et beaux reves...I love Sundays

December 14th
Padding down the hall and putting on the Christmas tree lights, the early morning stillness that surrounds me, mon amour checking to see if I am alright, curling up on the couch together, remembering my emotion and happiness when my beautiful son was born 28 years ago today, putting the finishing touches on a chocolate cake with espresso frosting, feeling glad that my father is able to come to the party with us, my daughter's home filled with family, friends and her special t...ouches, laughter, mimosas and presents, watching him blow out the candles and make a wish, looking into my child's eyes and telling him what my heart says, waves of exhaustion overtaking me from a week filled with great joy and deep sadness, travel times and busy days, wonder and worries, the warmth of the fire, easing my aching body into a fragrant juniper bath and sipping a cup hot ginger tea, pulling on a warm flannel nightgown and climbing into my cozy bed...I love Sundays

December 21st
Using my grandma's cookie cutter, the scent of shortbread baking, holiday greetings that arrive by mail, email and text, everyone saying "surprise" and seeing she really was, celebrating a dear friend's 50th birthday - ten years after the first one, agreeing that we'll celebrate her 50th on her 70th too, mist rising off the lake while the violinist plays happy birthday, laughing really hard, mon amour's maman sharing her sugar pie recipe, a festive gathering with friends, seeing how the little one grows, hearing everyone's holiday plans, setting a special table for tomorrow's tea party with the girls, deciding with a yawn that it is time for bed - no matter what the clock says, choosing a new book to begin...I love Sundays

December 28th
Dipping stollen in coffee laced with baileys, leafing through cookbooks for inspiration, deciding upon a French Canadian menu for tomorrow's dinner with my wonderful cousins, putting on the beautiful earrings and necklace mon amour gave me for Christmas, donating a few things to Habitat for Humanity, the heavenly scent of the cheese shop, choosing trois fromages du Quebec pour demain soir, a first visit to the iconic Ovaltine Cafe, taking our seats for Chelsea Hotel, remember...ing how much I love live performances, never forgetting how much I love Leonard Cohen, walking in the cool night air, thanking my son and his love for their gift of theatre, finding their kitchen warm and filled with spices, sharing a delicious home cooked Indian dinner made specially for us, goodbye hugs, opening the door and putting on the kettle, laughing on the phone with my daughter, tea and fruitcake by the fire, curling up together on the couch, listening to the incomparable Pavarotti by the glow of the tree...I love Sundays

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