Monday, July 9, 2012


I lost a friend today.  No matter that you know it is coming, there is no preparation for the finality of hearing the words.  It was a life dedicated to United Way and serving the community.  So many will miss her presence.   She was feisty, passionate, bold, caring, and had the most wicked sense of humour. 

I call those who knew her well to share the news and the stories begin.  We cry, we laugh, and we remember. 

A few years ago, she shared that one of her dreams was to visit my home, see the West Coast, and travel to Gibsons, where the Beachcomber series had been filmed.  So we did just that.  She flew out and spent a few days with my family and friends.  The weather was glorious and we enjoyed long meals on the deck.  My son helped her buy an ipod and they talked music together.  We drove to vantage points and took in the views.  We visited an abbey and sat listening to the beautiful chanting of the benedictine monks.  And, on one fine day, we took the ferry over to the Sunshine Coast and visited Gibsons.  We ate lunch at Molly's Reach and then found someone who would take the two of us in his small motor boat for an idyllic hour cruising along the coastline.

Believing that there are no coincidences, it made me smile through my tears this morning when I realized that my husband and I have a reservation for the ferry to the Sunshine Coast on Friday evening.  So, I will stop in Gibsons, look out at the ocean, and drink a toast to my friend. 

"You don't have an enormous talent like that without having integrity nailed to your soul and humanity along with it."   Robert Clouthier, "Beachcombers" co-star about Bruno Gerussi

All good things, k