Sunday, January 29, 2012


Mon amour teases that I am an escargot.  I prefer to think of myself as mindful.

I am moving more slowly.  Purposefully so.  I not only "take the walk", I "take in the walk".  I stop to see the new buds or display in the store window.  I smile at passersby.  I delight in the unexpected.  I pick up lucky pennies. 

Noticing is always the first step to appreciating.  Being truly grateful requires that we truly experience what is before us.

No need to change the "what" to change the "how".  Only to begin.

Head down and rushing, as we move through our daily rounds, won't connect us with anything, except maybe those lucky pennies. 

Savour each moment. 

You may even find you want to share some of them with others. I do.

"We do not remember days; we remember moments".  Cesare Paves


All good things, k

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