Friday, May 3, 2013

Om Bhvam Namah

I love Deepak Chopra.

He loves me too. He loves all of us.

In need of replenishment from a little too much worry and little not enough sleep, his encouragement for a 21 day detox from stress, caught my attention. That's funny - I just typed "intention" instead of "attention". A good reminder that it needs to be both.

"Nourish your heart - nourish your mind - nourish your spirit - nourish your body" he says in that almost hypnotic and oh so soothing voice. Although his words are always wise, even just the sound of his voice is often enough to remind and reassure me.

I know this to be true and I will be more mindful of eating well, resting deeply and spending some time each day in meditative reflection.

I remind myself that it is when we are at our busiest that this matters most.

I will end as he suggests with "Om Bhvam Namah" which translates to "I am absolute existence: I am a field of infinite possibilities." 

As are you dear ones, as are you.

All good things, k