A Year of Sundays - 2015

January 4th
Sleeping in a little, putting a splash of baileys in our coffee, opening my brand new iPad mini and with a click entering a world of 140 magazines while being kinder to the planet, wondering how I will ever tear myself away to do anything else, finding a way, lentil soup simmering in le crueset, phoning a friend for a good catch up, filling new bookcases, smiling as I touch books that have meant so much, mon amour opening an excellent Sonoma wine, sipping and stirring, steam ...rising from the bubbling pot, heavenly pasta with blue cheese sauce by candlelight, sharing our favourite moments from the holiday season, looking forward to 2015 plans, sitting by the fire listening to Rod Stewart croon love songs, savouring the last piece of almond roca, writing "choose joy" on our chalkboard, climbing into bed early to be ready for our first day back in the office, feeling so blessed for having had the luxury of time...I love Sundays

January 11th
The peacefulness of early morning, setting my intention, the luxury of time to read for pleasure, his morning greeting making me laugh, coffee in our favourite mugs, free range eggs and turkey sausages, tackling the housework together, standing back and looking at everything sparkle, exchanging fun messages with my "always there for me" cousin, the restorative powers of a cup of tea and a little nap on the couch, mon amour reviewing, organizing, and copying all our most important papers and photos, the comfort of knowing everything is in order, warming up delicious leftovers from last night's dinner party, a candlelit dinner for two, curling up together by the fire for chai tea and a teary episode of "To Serve Them All My Days", a long lavender bath followed by a cool glass of water, feeling the good kind of tired...I love Sundays

January 18th
Pulling on cozy hand knit socks I bought from the woman who made them in a little village high in the swiss alps, mon amour chuckling as he reads, stirring up some goodness, making a big fruit salad, the scent of muffins baking, watching a video of our friend's sweet baby granddaughter laughing, finding the perfect parking spot, walking in the sun along English Bay, putting our feet up for afternoon tea by the fire, a call from my wonderful son and a plan in the making, simme...ring a pot of soup, being there for a friend's sadness, roasting pork with rosemary, garlic and mustard, lighting the candles and opening the wine, enjoying dinner and conversation with our newest friends, toasting the first five days of their new life in Canada, looking at our wedding album and reliving that beautiful day, easing into a warm lavender bath, feeling replenished for the busy week ahead...I love Sundays

January 25th
Coffee in my favourite mug delivered with a kiss, Marianne Williamson saying "The only real happiness is the giving and receiving of love", sending birthday wishes to a dear one in Mexico, chilling cava and setting a pretty table, filling a platter with smoked salmon, cream cheese and all the fixings, toasting bagels, Sunday brunch with family and friends, Ella Fitzgerald and laughter filling our home, a cozy afternoon nap on the couch, mon amour softly playing guitar while I read, relaxing while our friend plays chef for our evening meal, hearing that my beloved Anne Tyler has written a new novel, a steaming bowl of delicious soup made with chicken, pasta, and love, a fresh bed, square of dark chocolate, good book, and the man I love beside me...I love Sundays
   February 1st
Reliving the fun of last evening's Robbie Burns dinner, friends who are always there for you - and you for them, mon amour and I being on the same page, flipping pancakes on the cast iron griddle for an appreciative family, simmering a pot of pea soup, the satisfying weight and feel of le crueset, organizing files and prepping for the week ahead, cleaning out my purse and finding a lottery ticket, deciding our lunch will be homemade warm apple raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream, a little afternoon nap, sipping the last of the Christmas ales, movie night at Spring Cottage with pizza, popcorn, and red wine, calling my dad to hear all about the Super Bowl, climbing into bed to savour the last chapter in The Twelve Tribes of Hattie...I love Sundays

February 8th
Taking a deep breath and then taking it "bird by bird", shedding a few tears as I lay wet photos out to dry - but understanding what truly matters doesn't live in these albums, making progress, the first sip of excellent coffee, stepping outside into the peace and quiet, the warmth of the sun, putting some new books into my little free library, a wonderful brunch with my wonderful husband, talking about how we could help, a heartwarming message and photo from my children, toa...sting another step in the journey, sharing wine, cheese and a movie with friends, that Robert Downey Jr. worked hard to be well and bring yet another amazing performance, feeling the emotion in their thankfulness, having good people surround me when something breaks (sometimes my heart - tonight just a wine glass) - figuratively and literally, knowing that whatever comes our way that we will handle it together...I love Sundays and mon amour

February 15th
Thinking of my son's call last night with happy news, gps knowing what to do when I missed a turn, gazing out at the beautiful scenery as we cruise through the islands, grooving to the music as our cappuccinos are being made, cherry blossoms against a blue sky, a warm welcome from dear friends, a long walk along the sunny seawall in t-shirts, holding the hands of a darling ten month old as she learns to walk, good wine and fresh trout, speaking from our hearts, sharing laughter, climbing into bed early...I love Sundays

February 22nd
Being able to share our feelings, a kind message from my wonderful brother, putting on my groovy new blue boots, walking in the sun among the cherry blossoms, trying to imagine, my beautiful, smart and funny daughter making me laugh harder than I have in a long time, crisp white wine and greek food with the kids, feeling indecisive - but knowing I`m not alone in that, helping with a connection and hoping it will help, simmering a big casserole of coq au vin and popping it into the freezer, quiet time in my office prepping for the busy week ahead, receiving a lovely invitation, finishing up the last of the delicious cherry ice cream, savoring the final pages of a great book, knowing how very fortunate I am…I love Sundays

March 1st
Goodbye kisses at the airport, sipping cappuccino and reading the newspaper in the Maple Leaf Lounge, sending birthday wishes to ma tres chere belle soeur, a smooth flight, preparing thank you gifts for good souls, writing a proposal I believe will be well received, room service delivering my favourite chicken caesar salad, mon amour calling to say he misses me, being good to myself by turning off technology in favour of yoga and meditation before bed, looking forward to reading until I drift off to sleep...I love Sundays

March 8th
Waking with a head full of "to do's" so settling in to the office to get them off my mind, sharing thoughts with a kindred spirit, the beauty of the big vase of beautiful welcome home flowers from mon amour, making celebratory plans with friends, whipping up a baileys chocolate frosting for my banana rum cake, grabbing sandals and sunglasses and heading out for a long walk on the beach, watching crab traps being pulled up on the pier, disappointing news arriving - but taking... a deep breath and knowing I will find a way to resolve it, hot dogs with all the fixings on a sunny bench, watching sailboats, chai latte and newspaper, gathering with all the kids for a great dinner, lighting candles and singing happy birthday, watching all my kids shower mon amour with song, presents and love, worrying about a dear one - but feeling the the love and support of family, climbing into a freshly made bed, saying a prayer...I love Sundays
March 15th
Waking with a smile thinking of last night’s Irish and French birthday celebration, curling up with a soft blanket and Super Soul Sunday, thanking my cousin for her beautiful unexpected gifts, quiet time in my office preparing for the week ahead, remembering to take it "bird by bird", a bowl of warm oatmeal, calling my Uncle and hearing all is well, crossing off everything on today’s very long “to do” list, laughing with my amazing daughter, a clip arriving from my talented s...on of his band’s new video, reading by the fire, admiring the important work of a friend, finding out that we’re on the guest list for Limblifter’s Vancouver show, putting on my apron and filling the kitchen with the aroma of garlic for pesto pasta and caesar salad, watching a John Denver documentary and remembering how much I loved “Annie’s Song”, Juno Award happiness as UWCCs 2015 National Conference Master of Ceremonies, Fred Penner, brings home Children’s Album of the Year and my long adored, Leonard Cohen, receiving Album of the Year, a long, relaxing bath, climbing into bed with a cup of chamomile tea, hoping that tonight is filled with the deep restorative slumber that has been eluding me…I love Sundays

March 22nd
Pulling back the curtains to a magnificent view, thinking about last night's wonderful food, wine and celebration with friends, flowers from mon amour, putting on my groovy blue boots, feeling like we are in Europe as we enjoy cappuccinos and croissants at a French boulangerie, listening to the music at the beautiful Cathedral, seeing my dear friend doing what he loves, getting up close to van Gogh's work at the Art Gallery, sharing a delicious bowl of poutine, oohing and ahhing over the adorable picture of our good friend's first grandchild, putting our feet up and reading, sharing cocktails and an ocean view with the kids, conversation and laughter over platters of greek food and wine, curling up together tired but happy from a perfect weekend celebrating mon amour's birthday...I love Sundays

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